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All five members of our family have been patients of Dr. Penny Belke for two decades. Excellent care in a low-key, friendly, atmosphere. I have always appreciated how accommodating the office has been... Read More...

We are delighted with the addition of Dr. Belke’s daughter, Katherine Borello, D.D.S., to her staff.

In the mid 1980's we asked a friend about a good dentist--- she referred us to Dr. Penny Belke.  That was the beginning of having our dental needs cared for by a confident, compassionate, and extremely skilled dentist.   Read More...



Dear Friend:

We want to again welcome you to our dental practice. We are extremely glad that you have chosen us for your dental care, and I can assure you that we will do everything possible to live up to your expectations.

Our staff is dedicated to providing dental care of the highest quality for our patient. Our aim is to help you maintain your mouth in the most healthy, attractive, and pain-free condition as possible. With your help, this goal can be attained.

Please feel free, at any time, to ask us questions you may have concerning treatment alternatives, fees, and new procedures in dentistry. We are most anxious to effectively communicate with you so that our association can be a long and happy one.
Thank you again for putting your trust in us!

Best Regards,

Penny A. Belke D.D.S & Katherine M. Borello D.D.S

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Dr. Penny Belke, DDS
Dr. Kathy Borello, DDS